Token Information

EXO Token
EXO serves as the native currency for Exoverse Finance. Players use EXO to deploy Exoverse Estates, mint exclusive Exoverse NFT releases, provide liquidity to the liquidity pool and Buy/Sell on the decentralized market. There is a starting supply of 150,000,000 EXO tokens. Liquidity will be locked and the development fund will be vested at a rate of 25% return per month.
Buy Tax: 6% Total (1% Developments, 1% Wormhole, 1% Marketing, 1% Exoverse Tax Slot 1, 1% Exoverse Tax Slot 2, 1% Exoverse Tax Slot 3)
Sell Tax: 8% Total (2% Developments, 2% Marketing, 1% Wormhole, 1% Exoverse Tax Slot 1, 1% Exoverse Tax Slot 2, 1% Exoverse Tax Slot 3)
Anti-Bear Mechanism Note:
The Anti-Bear Mechanism is assigned for both selling & sending of tokens to a different wallet. This avoids bypassing of the mechanism by sending tokens from wallet A to Wallet B. So make sure to organise your actions, based on your daily limits!
If you decide to spend your daily limit on a withdrawal, you will not be able to send any more tokens to another wallet on the same day, if the transaction exceeds the daily limit. The same goes for vice versa. The cooldown period has a duration of 24 hours.
Name: Exoverse Finance
Symbol: EXO
Decimals: 18
Network: Avalanche C-Chain
Initial Supply: 150.000.000
Disclaimer: Sending tokens/NFT under any circumstances is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the sending address is correct.
ExoFi Global is not responsible for the recovery of any EXO lost on the blockchain.