What are Exo Droids?
Exo Droid NFT
Exo Droids are the main force of the Exoverse. Every Exo Droid has its unique DNA, which shall be recognized as a virtual identity. Each Exo Droid has an owner in the real world.
At the same time, Exo Droids are player-owned Moving 3D NFTs minted in the ERC-1155 standard which may be traded on our Exoverse NFT Marketplace or may be sold via P2P to another person.
Just like in the real world, some specific things in the Exoverse will have to be maintained by something smart and capable enough to keep things running. To maintain a healthy ecosystem, the Exo Droids are assigned to execute this task. They are divided in different colonies, and they will take care of everything that happens in the Exoverse.
Once your Exo Droid NFT is deployed, it will represent your career in the Exoverse from that moment. Besides the many utilities that the Exo Droids bring, you can ofcourse also set your Exo Droid as a profile picture to spread awareness about Exoverse Finance in the real world.